Terramon is a fan-made Digimon supposedly owned by Ty of the TamersUnite.

Background Edit

Terramon began as an Agumon. Ty eventually drew a Digimon he created as a kid, which the Agumon became. It was a drastic change, going from lizard to mammal (which is completely unrealistic). In Terramon's debut (he appeared off-camera for this, but spoke on-camera), it was described that the "real" digivolution method was "Binded Evolution"- similar to Biomerge, but for a Champion, and Ultimate leveled digimon. Terramon's champion form is describes as being "Grymon". His In-Training form is KoTerramon.

Recent Activity Edit

After a black-suited man crossed his path (Ty described him as "the new threat"), Terramon lost his Element Sphere, resulting in his devolution into an egg- which also resulted in his return to being Agumon.


All text in italic refers only to the original form of this Digimon, and not it's form when holding the Element Sphere.


Botamon, konekomon


Koromon, KoTerramon


Greymon, Grymon


MetalGreymon, MechaGrymon


WarGreymon, AncientGreymon, WarGrymon, SkullGrymon

Trivia Edit

  • Terramon is the same name as a "Patamon-Gatomon-hybrid" on DeviantART. Strangely, both look the same to a certain extent.
  • Agumon's original transformation was due to the Sphere of Fire being inside him. This was only revealed when the man in black removed it.
  • If the Crest of Fire were to make it's way into TamersUnite fiction, Ty would be a likely carrier due to Terramon holding the Sphere of Fire.